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Breakthrough Academy is a leading Education Company in Australia in the field of change, providing Education and Practitioner Certification Courses in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Dynamics, Success Coaching and Life Coaching.


Specific Problems & Areas of Life

Experts in the fields of Relationships, Health, Wealth, Career and Business as well as helping people with:

Meaning and Purpose

And most importantly if you're in a place where you're not sure if your living at the level your capable and wondering what it is that you're really meant to do, we can also help you to find your true Meaning and Purpose....

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Gold Coast





Mic Pilon


“Having run successful companies for many years, I have recommended many different courses to people and I usually recommend one particular course to a certain individual. Master the Matrix is the first course that I without a doubt would recommend to anybody!”


Mic Pilon
CEO and Entrepreneur
Sydney, Australia

Beau Clarke


“I personally have had an amazing shift within, being able to have this experience and opportunity to past this knowledge onto others is a reward within, its amazing. To be at CAUSE and the ability to do the re-decision process myself is gold. Nothing will stop me now. I am really ready to help others, especially kids and people who would like to take the time to listen to my story. I'm EMPOWERED :) Love your work guys. Thank you!”


Beau Clarke
Owner of Beau Clarke Photography
Gold Coast, Australia

Arthur Tse


“It is the best seminar I've ever done. I have done course after course, spending over $100,000. I wish I knew this 10 years ago. I understand more in myself and others. Paul Davis, you are a champion! You helped me get my life into a whole new level!”


Arthur Tse
Internet Entrepreneur
Melbourne, Australia

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